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. but that is not the only pressure on the president. >> i think now is the single best time to stop obama care. >> stop talking about impeachment. let's have a legitimate debate. let's fight his policies. let's try to appeal obama care. >> gop leaders are split on the push for impeachment as the opposition to defund obama care continues in earnest. >>> and later -- >> if a church is off limits, if the sanctuary of god is not off limits, if people are so malice and mean-spirited, what has become of our nation. >> retracing the steps of the civil rights movement, and confronting some of the ghosts which still haunt the city of birmingham today. we'll get to those stories in just a moment. >>> we start, though, with that developing news in syria at this hour. new information from washington, and the international community. allegations about the chemical weapons attack by the assad regime. i'm joined by nbc's ayman mohieldin. and kirsten at the white house. >> reporter: they've reached an agreement allowing u.n. inspectors to visit the site of an alleged weapons attack that happened a few days ago. keep i
of folks were expecting president obama to come out and announce that they had decided to move forward unilaterally move forward without congressional approval, and that's not what he said. he said he has decided that military action is the right next step but that he is going to put the matter to a vote in congress, and of course we know in the past several days, more and more members of congress have been saying that they want a vote, and they think they deserve a vote before president obama actually launches any type of military strike, so it appears as though those voices have won in this case, so this will be put to a congressional vote. a couple things that stood out to me, craig. president obama saying that the chairman of the joint chiefs told him he is ready to move forward with military action, and that it's not necessarily time sensitive, that if this occurs in a month they would still be able to weaken assad's military capabilities. so that is one of the things that stood out. another thing, you didn't hear president obama say he was going to call congress back right now, a
this a lame duck bus tour. it's not clear that president obama would be able to get sort of the bipartisan support for this type of proposal that he's hoping for. and craig, to put this in a broader context, this is really the president's goal to tee up the fall budget battles. the budget and also, of course, the debt ceiling which he'll be dealing with this fall. that's part of the larger goal. we expect the president to come out in a few minutes. craig? >> kristen welker traveling with the president in buffalo. we'll hear from president obama in just a few moments. meanwhile, i want to bring in steve cornaki. let's talk about -- not just the president's plan here, but the rising cost of college. the rising cost of tuition. you've been talking a little bit about what they are doing out in oregon. let's talk a little bit about that. for folks who weren't familiar with this plan, what is it? and could it be taken to scale? >> that's what they're trying to find out right now. the stage is very early. it's a pilot program that's been developed right now. the plan isn't fully in place. the ide
time about syria and about the difficult decision ahead of president obama as he weighs whether to take military action. good morning, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. >>> breaking news. president obama is meeting now as we speak with top advisers at the white house and if the president gives the green light to strike syria, he could end up doing it without congress and without america's steadfast a y ally. 8 in 10 said president obama should get congressional approval before any military strike. and some lawmakers say the president hasn't made the case. >> the constitution is very explicit on this. when you go to war, congress must authorize this. both the president and the vice president, once upon a time, before they became in power, understood this. >> the brsh aren't comiitish ar. headlines "the daily news." david cameron's stunning decision not to join the strike after a no vote by his parliament. >> have you spoken to president obama yet? have you apologized to him? >> i haven't spoken to him since the vote on the debate but i expect to speak to him the next day or so. i don't thi
it here on msnbc. >>> the intelligence community continues to respond to president obama's move to enact new guidelines to make government surveillance more transparent. former cia and nsa director michael hayden noted today that the president never actually said anything had been done wrong. >> to me, the most telling thing she said was perhaps something he didn't quite say. he didn't suggest he was going to operationally change this program. i mean, there's no suggestion that what he was doing, and what president bush was doing before him with regard to these programs was anything other than lawful, effective and appropriate. >> on "meet the press," republican iowa congressman steve king stood by his comments about immigrants he made last month, saying that his remarks about drug smugglers outnumbering valedictorians were accurate and new legislation granting the shorter path to citizenship would not differentiate between the two groups. >> my heart goes out to the valedictorians brought here by their parents. but we cannot put our sympathies for people in that condition greater than o
town halls, oklahoma senator tom coburn throws around the "i" word when talking about president obama. impeachment. >> those are serious things but we are at a serious time and so whether -- i don't have the legal background to know if that rises to high crimes and misdemeanors. but i think they are getting perilously close, quite frankly, to think he's in a difficult position he's put himself in and if it continues, i think we are going to have another constitutional kris in our president in terms of the president. >> he isn't the only one spending the recess talking around that buzz word. here is why it has people talking. this is a republican who calls the president a friend. the president even pinned the write-up on the senator when he made this year's time 100. >> he said, now the president is a good friend of mine and i consider him a friend. can you imagine how he treats people who aren't his friend? >> he is an intelligent man. he is a smart politician. one day he says let's shut down the government and defend obama care and then he goes to a town hall and panders like there i
the hour on our agenda today. less than an hour ago president obama weighed in on the escalating violence from egypt in a statement from martha's vineyard. we'll get the tape playback from the news conference and we'll reair it in full. president obama's comments come on the heels of an attack by pro-morsi supporters. this is what is happening on the streets of cairo 24 hours since the arab spring upriding. supporters of ousted muslim brotherhood president mohammed morsi are not backing down. here's what we know right now at least 525 people are dead. more than 3700 injured in the des make of two protest camps and incredibly egypt's health ministry says those numbers are expected to rise. hopes for democracy are fading fast. the vice president stepped down. protesters said they'll rather die than give up the fight. the big question now what can the u.s. do? nbc's attorney correspondent is in cairo, bring us up to speed. >> the situation on the ground remains extremely volatile. within the last couple of hours there's been a massive protest on one of the government buildings on a cairo sub
. the president besides having to deal with the foreign issue of egypt domestically here at home we have obama care and immigration, the debt ceiling crisis, jobs and middle class bill that could be taken up and fielding questions about the controversial nsa program. do you think the biggest onus is on the president and not having a government shutdown, especially tied to the date of october 1st when open enrollment begins for obama kaye? >> i think it is, in fact, a pivotal time relative to the issues as well. a shutdown could be catastrophic. i think we all appreciate that, both republicans and democrats. i think real opportunities for us to come together in the next few months. i think the fact that we are on our august recess, most of us are in our districts hearing from our constituents, there is big pushback on the nsa. there is actually a lot of applause about obama care and people are recognizing that, in fact, there is much to be lost if we don't allow obama care to move forward. for all of us, we are going to see that there is a limitation now on how much we will be spending both in
office. we were there to talk about the hope of america's children and inviting the obamas to become involved. so we were seated in a back booth in maria callander's. i remember the restaurant was empty. he sat down across from me and since he had called this meeting on his own to find out who in the hell i am in his words, i had brought my resume expecting him to need to see my credentials before he went to the obama's. i handed those to him across the table and he barely glanced at the first page and put it aside and said he had already in wet michelle obama and she wanted us to work on a memo together. and then the next second i saw his whole face turn creepy and his eyes strange. and then he said to me, "your eyes have bewitched me." and i knew that our discussion had just taken a 180 in a different direction. but i didn't know what he was about to do and within a few seconds, he had gotten up and come over and sat next to me, pinning me into the booth, and then as this is not normal in my life, it was like a suspension of time and space. i don't remember if he immediately tried
want to add that the aclu is out for a statement asking president obama to commute manning's sentence to time serve and allow for his immediately release and see how the white house responds to this. >>> in egypt today former president mubarak could be freed from prison as early as tomorrow. a few hours ago, a court ordered his release after corruption charges against him were thrown out. the 85-year-old exruler still faces other charges including charges in connection with the deaths of demonstrators. his release could stir up mour unre more unrest. nbc news chief foreign kror correspondent richard engel joins me now. >> what has been the release to the potential release of mubarak? >> only convincing the egyptians that the old regime is coming back. it was over a month ago that the military rolled into the streets and threw out the unpopular, put elected government of the muslim brotherhood. now a massive campaign is under way to arrest muslim brotherhood leadership. the muslim brotherhood president detained since he was thrown out of office. people who oppose what they call a coup
house in the past. we know oprah has modern day ties to this white house, the obama administration. listen to this. >> look at all of those administrations compared to obama. i mean, obama will stand alone because of what that represented for the country. i was so pleased that during the process of this interview, a white reporter sitting in the very chair you're sitting in saying he didn't realize until seeing this movie the depth of the importance of obama, but seeing that movie in the context of the civil rights movement, now allows him to see, wow, that is really bigger than he thought. and if you come away from that movie with that, we have done our job. >> so, obviously, oprah recognizes the importance of president obama. the legacy that he is going to leave behind after eight years. but let's talk about the legacy she hopes to leave behind after this film comes out because oprah wants an oscar. >> she does. this movie is amazing. i told her she plays a silent hero. she plays a wife to this man who has this place in history, eugene allen and this butler who served in the whit
. intelligence officials say they intercepted communications between two al qaeda leaders and president obama spoke of the global response last night on "the tonight show." >> it's significant enough that we're taking every precaution. it's a reminder that for all of the progress we have made getting bin laden, putting afghanistan and pakistan back on its heels that this radical violent extremism is still out there. >> word of this new foiled plot broke hours after the u.s. government announce the defendant had filed the first criminal charges in the investigation into last year's deadly attack on american diplomats. what more can you tell us about the yemeni plot that was spoiled? >> yemeni government sources are saying they are taking responsibilities for foiling this plot that was taking place or scheduled to take place in the southern part of the country involving two major cities and attack on oil installations from which a large part of yemen's oil experts flow out of. according to the report some parts were trying to take over provinces in an attempt to show it has taken control a part
obama and msnbc political analyst. great to have you on. we had an opportunity to be on "morning joe" earlier today and where chuck todd had to say this about the fact that most likely this will not be the triumphant end to summer news conference that the president would hope for but what are you expecting the toughest question to be? do you think it's going to be domestic or about foreign relations with russia? >> there's plenty to choose from, obviously. these are challenging times. but the focus has been this week on foreign policy, on russia. a great deal of interest in those things. and then there will be some trying to project forward in terms of what might happen when congress returns in the fall as to the budget and immigration. so there's plenty for the president to rest with. i was laughing when i heard kelly saying it's interesting maybe we can shake something loose. you know they are sitting in the white house saying, you know, the very thing that reporters are hoping for are the things you don't hope for when you work in the white house which is that unexpected question.
to the promise of america that is reflected in president obama. when we think about that, how significant does that weigh on this presidency that basically barack obama really personifies, comes to life as the dream of mlk? >> good for george w. bush. i thought it was a nice statement. i'm not going to question that. but to say this. at least back in 1939 when marion anderson had to sing here, "my country 'tis of thee" rather than the constitution hall they said the reason because she was black. at least they were honest back then. today in american politics you have donald trump who hangs around with mitt romney talking about the president being an illegal immigrant. you have people talking about nullification of the law of the land. you got people talking impeachment like coburn and ted cruz out there. they never say their problem with obama is that he is black but look at the pattern. the pattern is rejection of his legitimacy at the first point saying he is not really here illegally. the law he has passed the land mark bill pass in 2010. it's an attempt to impeach him on no grounds. at lea
was a pro confederacy advocate. he blamed president obama for problems with rand paul's toilet. he h he's in close association with alex jones. his chance is close to zero. >> do you agree with that? you said it's interesting to see rand paul and chris christie take one another on on. they had been feuding. rand paul offered to have a beer with chris christie if h he wam came to washington. h he said he called the the truce. a one-way truce. is that what he needs to do for the long game? >> he h's transformed. within the last six months he's narrowed and started tacking more to the middle. when he talks about immigration it's very different for rand paul. he realizes he needs to change the conversation. when he talks about drones it talks about the base in the united states, about people worried about the national security and privacy. i see him becoming -- toning down the voice to become more moderate and appealing. that doesn't necessarily mean when it comes toe to toe with hillary clinton that he h won't become more of an idealogue. i do think he's changing his feathers for now to ma
surveillance operations before mr. snowden made these leaks. >> speaking out, president obama promising new steps to reform the controversial surveillance programs. is this a win for leaker edward snowden? we'll have a live report. >>> also, presumed guilty, forced government cuts are devastating public defenders and their low-income clients. why this new normal may be unconstitutional. >>> from here i am able to control it. let's see how this does. no problem. >> and the helping hand, that's pretty cool, huh? self-taught teenage inventor created a prosthetic arm at a fraction of the cost of others. he'll join us live, today's "big idea." >>> first at this hour president obama and first lady michelle obama are aboard air force one. they are on their way to martha's vineyard where they will vacation for the next week. the president made one final stop in orlando this afternoon to speak at the disabled veterans national convention. >> at every generation there are americans like you who stand beside her and guide her and protect her. we need to make sure we've got the resources, the budget s
obama's and recently hold ago fund-raiser for cory booker who won last night's democratic nomination for new jersey senate to replace frank lautenberg. it's been estimated that her obama endorsement amounted to 1 million votes back in the '08 primary. so how do you think as oprah is careful about her branding and her strategy moving forward, how do you think she wants to incorporate her next political agenda? >> i don't think we really know yet. there are reports the white house is reaching out to her people to figure out if she wants to pitch for obama care and not clear if she would make a perfect pitch for that since the people they have to go over is young and black and hispanics men. shi she can do whatever she wants in terms of politics. i think the strength of her brand she hasn't weighed in very often so whenever she does it's a surprise and very much a story. she very much at her network been able to rebrand that by going small. it was in special ways, i think, a scatter shot. she was going after the suburban woman at large and now she seems to be branding it specifically as
that the momentum seems to have slowed here in terms of those limited air strikes that we were hearing the obama administration could launch. as you say, the uk wants to way for the u.n. inspectors on the ground to finish their investigation before the parliament there voice. this is problematic for the obama administration because, of course, britain is america's biggest ally, so it's hard toss the u.s. would take an action without britain. also there's mounting pressure from members of congress. house speak john boehner sending a her to the president saying what do you want to accomplish with military action? so the momentum seems to have slowed, with the discussion behind the scene focusing on what would the legal justification be. >> we want to move on to richard engel. he's in ankara turkey. so what is the next move if the u.s. is to strike? so what is the next move if this does go forward? >> well, it really depends on if it goes forward and what exactly happens. the red cross today said it doesn't support an escalation that will only make a horrible humanitarian situation even worse. turk
. but we start in egypt, where just moments ago u.s. officials confirm the obama administration is considering canceling the delivery of apache helicopters to egypt this fall. they war part of a 2009 sale to help the country's military protect its borders. meanwhile, protesters are back on the streets after another day of deadly clashes. security forces and armored vehicles have lined up to guard egypt's supreme constitutional court, along with entrances to cairo's tahrir square. they're back open to traffic with a heavy military presence as the work week begins there. the news conference this morning, egypt's foreign minister vowed to continue working toward a political solution. he also suggested that they plan to review the benefits of foreign aid from the united states and other countries. and clashes, clashes came to a head yesterday, as police stormed a mosque in cairo, where protesters had been holed up since friday. ethe egyptian government says now 79 people were killed. aman mohadin are in cairo. we're hearing security forces have now started raids the homes of muslim
since the march on washington. president obama will stand in martin luther king jr.'s place to mark that anniversary. is this the president' mlk moment? we will look ahead to his speech. >>> we are following new reports that george zimmerman wants the state of florida to pay his legal bills. it leads to our question for you today. should the state of florida pay? head to facebook or tweet me. your responses will be on later in the show. you like to keep your family healthy and fit. do the same for your dog. introducing purina dog chow light & healthy. it's a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend... ...with 20% fewer calories than dog chow. new purina dog chow light & healthy. ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >>> coming up later today, the president will host a private reception in honor of the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. tomorrow it will
likes racial profiling. president bush was against it. president obama recently spoke out against it. the trayvon martin had the agreement using race would be bad and debating the facts over it. this policy has been sold repeatedly not as racial profiling. it's sold repeatedly as aggressive police tactics that relate to crime staesks. we have today a ruling that says to minorities here in new york and i would argue probably around the country although take time to see how it plays out. this ruling says you can no long be presumed suspicious because of the color of your skin and the statistics that are in this ruling and that you just mentioned bear that out because they were stopping people primarily based on race and race-related attributes and vast mantle found nothing wrong and not doing anything. another point on this important day. the whole tactic comes out of the supreme court case that had said, well, sometimes can you have a lower standard of search because someone might have a gun on them. what nypd said we will use that loophole to act like maybe everyone has a gun on them
. there were a series of high level meetings at the white house throughout the weekend, president obama met with his national security team on saturday. among the options under consideration limited air strikes which would include anything from using cruise missiles, from navy destroyers which are currently in the mediterranean, to possibly air strikes. just to be clear about that, thomas, the idea is not to take out assad, but to weaken or to destroy his military capability. that is the thinking at this hour. as you point out, pressure is really mounting from capitol hill for this administration to take some sort of action, really from both sides of the aisle. you are hearing lawmakers increasingly want action to be tab. the majority of americans are opposed to taking action in syria. the fact this nation is quite war weary in the wake in the wars in iraq and afghanistan so that is something they are taking into account. one reason why this president has been so deliberative in terms of trying to determine what to do. but things are moving quickly here. >> thanks to both of you. >>> joinin
. >> president obama was celebrating his 52nd birthday from camp david. he's just returned. he's been updated regularly on the global terror threat, including at least twice yesterday. once after a meeting of his national security team which included his adviser susan rice, secretary of state john kerry, and chuck hagel, and a number of other top officials. so he has been monitoring this situation quite closely. and i expect those briefings to go on throughout the day. this all comes as we are looking a little bit of new information about what top officials really are focused on right now. according to a senior administration official and top u.s. official who has been briefed on the latest intelligence, we've been talking a lot about the fact that they are bracing for a significant attack. these two officials tell me significant could either mean one attack or simultaneous attacks. we also know that intelligence officials are particularly concerned about the fact that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has been working to gain the capability to use surgically implanted explosive devices. now,
supporters of the muslim brotherhood this week alone. we go live to martha's vineyard where president obama continues his vacation. any sign from the administration of what they will or even perhaps what they will not do next? >> well, craig, good afternoon. the administration at this point is not signaling any major shift in policy when it comes to egypt. we know that president obama has been briefed daily by his national security adviser susan rice, who is vacationing here on martha's vineyard with him. and of course this past week president obama announced that he would be canceling joint military operations between the u.s. and egypt that were scheduled to take place next month. this was a strong, symbolic rebuke to military for their inability to really get this situation under control in egypt and to get the unrest under control in egypt. but what the administration has not announced is that they will be withholding or withdrawing that $1.3 billion in military aid that they give to egypt every year, and that is really the united states' largest point of leverage at this point in time.
.s. officials tell nbc news that they are really focusing on yemen. you will recall that president obama met with the president of yemen earlier this week. also, you will recall that there have been several drone strikes in yemen this past week alone. now, it's not only the united states, mara. the british, the french have also closed their embassies in yemen, as well. how long the closures will last, we don't know at this point in time. we know the travel alert will last until at least the end of the month. president obama continues to get updated on the situation. in fact, he is out playing golf right now. he celebrates a birthday tomorrow. before he left for that sort of celebratory game of golf, we're told that he was updated on this situation. now, state department officials telling americans who might want to travel to logon to their website first to get the very latest information. mara? >> now, kristen, the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi was almost a year ago and four americans, of course, were killed in that incident. how much of these closures is influenced by what happen
tremendous emotional and cultural meaning ever since he gave that speech. in fact, president obama referenced that speech just yesterday in new york. >> 50 years after the march on washington and the i have a dream speech, obviously we made enormous strides. i am a testament to it. you are a testament to it. the diversity of this room and the students who are here. >> president obama will be here wednesday making a speech and just feet away from me on the 50th anniversary, the day that dr. king gave that speech here some five decades ago, with more on the back story of king's speech and the legacy as well, joined now as you can hear helicopters above me and ed schultz and michael dyson as well and also from austin, texas, presidential historian douglas brinkley. good to see you. listen to one of the most famous lines from the i have a dream speech in 1963. >> i think we have doug brinkley there and when did the term i have a dream, when did it make it into the famous speech? >> i think it did a lot of people and your coverage pointed out weren't leaping on that phrase as much and i have a dre
point that the economy is still somewhat anemic and what does this mean for the obama administration as we see that is the president's main agenda by going to the hill this week and talking to both sides, the house and the senate side, about jobs, middle class, and growth? >> well, first of all, let me just say that i didn't find today's number particularly anomalous. i think it's consistent with an economy that is growing and growing reliably. i think recessionary risks are very, very low, but growing too slowly. if you average out some of these quarter numbers, growth over the first half of the year has been 1.4% in gdp at an annual rate. that is just not fast enough to bring the unemployment rate down quickly. it will bring it down slowly and that is what we have been saying. now, interestingly, getting tour question, i think the president in his own words is saying much what i just said. he said we are reliably growing but growing too slowly and we need to do more on the fiscal policy side what he is calling for in the near term to help boost the short-term growth rate and get a
where the obama mask rodeo clown at the missouri state fair who has been banned from performing for life. protesters greeting the president in orlando reading kenya go home. phoenix last tuesday the president was there to visit and got a chorus of bye-bye black sheep and shouts he is 47% negro. it would be naive to think because we elected our first african-american president, re-elected him to a second term, that discrimination in the country would cease. doesn't it seem like we would be a little bit further of seeing this type of rhetoric fired at the president? >> oh, yes. . i think two things are happening here. first off this is coming after the verdict in the zimmerman trial when the president tried to broach the subject of race and talk about his experiences as a black machine for the first time really to the country and what that experience was like growing up as a young guy. and also it's not coming out of nowhere. we see house republicans who have made remarks in town halls since going home at the beginning of the month, you know, suggesting, you know, that the birtherism thing
in washington tell me they really want to keep it focused town halls on obama care and any uncertainty that is coming with the october rollout. if any of this immigration opponents coming out like we have seen with representative steve king, the immigration advocates will this there and make their voices known. >> some tea party members will pay tongs to the town hall meetings and other conservatives compiling lists of different town halls taking place across the country. could we see things get heated while everybody is at home? i think in a lot of these cases we are talking about a small group and who can shout the loudest. we saw so many images of residents shouting in the face of lawmakers. now i think we have seen protesters in north carolina, texas. we could potentially see more in august across the country. swing districts few left and may be representatives who will listen to voters when it comes to crucial votes on immigration reform. >> how do you think this time period for lawmakers to go home and regroup, come back fresher for the fall especially getting off passed only 22
obama is facing fire from all sides for his response to the death and violence taking place in egypt. >> don't take sides with any particular party or political figure. that kind of approach will do nothing to help egyptians achieve the future that they deserve. >> we vltiolated our own rule o law for not calling what it is because our law clear states if it's a military coup, then aid is cut off. >> joining me live from cairo nbc amman mulhadeen. you see the marching that is going on this morning. bring us up-to-speed. >> reporter: we have a very volatile situation developing in parts of cairo as well as the rest of the run. the major protesters that were called for in cairo were supposed to converge on what is called ramsey square. a lot of fatalities. a make-field hospital set up there and 27 bodies counted by this independent eyewitness. at the same time, in another part of cairo not too far away from where we have been standing hearing gunfire coming from a bridge from our offices here. the sounds of military helicopters flying above overhead. we have been able to see the protes
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